Superman vs. Hanuman


  1. Both create a sense of positivity, optimism and courage.
  2. They are imaginary super-heroes.
  3. They can fly.
  4. They fight the bad guys and save the ones in trouble.
  5. They are saviours.
  6. Offending a fan of one would earns you serious wrath.
  7. They have their own comic.
  8. They roam around in their underwear.
  9. They are of human form but from a different planet (or) species.
  10. Their names end with ‘man’


  1. The predominant age group for one is kids for the other it is adults.
  2. One of them has lot of statues and temples and people worship him as god (If kids worship Superman as God, he is considered stupid).
  3. One of them have way too many songs and albums.

A belief is a belief. And it is personal. Be it your super-hero or your god. Both give a sense of positivity,...

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