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Using Wufoo as Helpdesk

I recently wanted to have a simple way to answer support queries for my PNR Chrome Extension .

The use-case is simple -

  • It should be light weight and should work well for single-user.
  • It should get specific inputs from the user (usage type, demography)
  • A regular form textarea and their email address where User would send their queries.
  • I should receive an email whenever they filled it up and replying to that email form my Inbox should should go to the sender (via reply-to)
  • I should be able to track the version number and source

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 9.57.53 pm.png

Wufoo suited this bill perfectly. Here is what I did:

  1. Setup a form with the required fields along with Email field
  2. Configure Email Notifications and set reply-to as the Email field Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 10.03.24 pm.png
  3. Add URL modifications to track source and version number and hide them.

This was simple to setup and worked perfectly for me as a one-person support system. The live

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Your Product’s Worth

As an Engineer, I was surprised to see simple and trivial coding projects being able to get me a good pay. I undermined my service. This is one of the reasons I have been very uncomfortable negotiating my salary.

Today, I had a specific photo to be fixed. Getting this photo fixed was very critical to me. It belonged to a high-profile person; it would be difficult to ask him again for a corrected photo.

I played around with whatever photoshop skills I had. Nothing worked. I went to photo studio where they had a guy sitting in the corner editing photographs. I asked him to fix the photograph. He did a splendid job. It was much better than what I expected.

Once done, I asked him how much I should pay. He said “It’s ok”. I really wanted to pay him - I was so happy that I’d have paid him at least 100 rupees. He asked me to pay 20 rupees.

Always charge what the product/service is

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Superman vs. Hanuman


  1. Both create a sense of positivity, optimism and courage.
  2. They are imaginary super-heroes.
  3. They can fly.
  4. They fight the bad guys and save the ones in trouble.
  5. They are saviours.
  6. Offending a fan of one would earns you serious wrath.
  7. They have their own comic.
  8. They roam around in their underwear.
  9. They are of human form but from a different planet (or) species.
  10. Their names end with ‘man’


  1. The predominant age group for one is kids for the other it is adults.
  2. One of them has lot of statues and temples and people worship him as god.
  3. One of them have way too many songs and albums.

A belief is a belief. And it is personal. Be it your super-hero or your god. Both give a sense of positivity, philosophy and way of life. They are just symbols (in case of Hindu) that convey a way of life.

Things are really good unless you start fighting with someone that your

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